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Know and defend your rights and duties in your city

Start date: 1st October 2015

End date: 30th October 2015

Limited places: 30

Price: From 40 Euros

The city has gradually turned into an international actor, with ability to mobilise resources, have influence in the system and autonomy to exercise its responsabilities.

This context has lead the cities to reclaim their rol as administrations that defend human rights, in contrast with the action and exclusive responsability of the states to guarantee them.

In this sense, the citizens have responsabilities with the city and the citizenship in order to face the negative consequences, such as the lack of solidarity, the migration flows or the environmental pollution of the cities; effects form the globalizator economic system that often forgets all about human rights in the cities.

Course offered in Catalan


General Price: 40€


1st - 14th october. Unit 1. What are and what are not human rights?

In this first unit we study the basis and evolution of human rights in order to identify the rights in the city and to know what are we talking about exactly when we talk about human rights, making emphasis in the civil rights in the city of Barcelona.


15th - 29th october. Unit 2. Protection mechanisms of human rights at the local level

This second unit is about the mechanisms to protect the rights we have at the local level, focusing on the regulation (Bill of rights and duties of the citizens, European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human rights in the City), the policies (campaigns) and the instruments to guarantee the effective protection of them (Ombudsman, NDO...)


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The course addresses every citizen and/or member of an institution in Barcelona who is interested in having an initial approach to human rights in the city, who has a social concern and the will to get to know which are our rights in the city and their mechanisms of protection.


AIDA GUILLÉN LANZAROTE, IDHC manager. Master in International Relations by University of Barcelona. Specialist in protection systems of human rights and in international cooperation and developement. Vice-president of - Organizartions for global justice @AidaGuillen

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